Our attorneys have decades-deep experience in public law, education law, and employment law. They have earned statewide reputations for legal excellence in the representation of schools, institutions of higher education, and public entities, including municipalities. Their courtroom and legislative advocacy has directly impacted the law affecting Texas schools and colleges. Our attorneys have been involved in significant court cases on some of the most pressing issues facing public schools, including cases on school finance, sexual harassment, special education, and the First Amendment. Our attorneys are highly regarded and sought as public speakers at state and national legal conferences on school and public law issues, and a number of our attorneys have published articles in state or national publications.

The attorneys at T&H are aggressive without sacrificing professionalism. T&H understands that their performance in and out of court will reflect on how judges, juries, and the community perceive our clients. Our attorneys are down-to-earth, friendly people. Most have their own families and all care deeply about their clients and their communities.

Our long history of focusing on schools, colleges, and public entities has enabled us to come to the table already prepared with a solid understanding of the business operations and objectives of our clients.  A number of our attorneys are former educators and know firsthand the issues and concerns facing public schools. At T&H, we believe that the best lawyers do not just know the law; they know the business and practical concerns that their clients face and how these concerns affect legal decision-making.

Thompson & Horton has developed training programs specifically for governmental employers, public and private schools, elementary and high school principals, college deans, business managers, school board members, and other elected officials. When training is combined with policy development, contract review, and regular consultations on legal matters, our clients are better prepared to manage the legal risks that confront them–and to prevent issues and concerns from turning into expensive and unwieldy legal disputes. These proven prevention employee training programs can be deployed quickly at low cost and with great efficiency.

At Thompson & Horton, no client is “just another client.” We know that it is a privilege to represent each and every client and we work hard to earn our clients’ confidence, through attentive, high quality services, and round-the-clock access to any attorney.